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    7 Wedding Ceilings Design Ideas to Fall in Love With

    A to-be bride has been dreaming of a wedding ever since she was a girl. She has imagined the special day as to how the setting will be, from the dinner sets, table arrangements to the flowers and even the ceiling. To make this dream a reality, a lot of attention needs to be paid to each and every element of the wedding decor, either big or small. One of them is the ceiling.

    An artistic ceiling design plays an integral role in setting up the tone of the event. Apart from lighting, florals, cards, or arches, a beautiful ceiling is an elegant way to make a statement at your wedding ceremony. The impact it will create on the decor will be hard to miss. No matter how many tiers your cake had or how gorgeous the location was, a beautiful ceiling will be the thing to cherish for you and your guests. What’s more? Your photos are going to look so dreamy under those flowers or lights.

    From grand chandeliers to pretty paper lanterns, take a cue from these breathtaking ceiling designs that will awe your guests:

    1.Ceiling Draping

    Ceiling Draping

    Source – Urquid Linen

    A classic, draping is the most traditional way of ceiling decoration. From Satin to shimmer organza to silk fabrics, these drapes look grand and can be accented with other accessories, including lights or flower chandeliers for an evening ceremony.

    2.Festoon lights

    Festoon lights

    Source – Ahlam

    Looking for some subtle options for a barn or outdoor wedding? Go for a Festoon Light Ceiling. They can be combined with lanterns, ribbons or some greens to give you the perfect rustic wedding look. Hung low or at a height, they look pretty anyways.



    Source – Botanical Brouhaha

    Florals are going to be a big thing in 2019. From arches to photo booths, they will be gracing most of the wedding decor, making it subtle and cheery. Use can also choose your favourite flowers to personalise your wedding decor for a fresh and nature-inspired look.

    You can use garlands, hanging flowers or above all in the form of a floral wedding chandelier can be the ideal choice for your nature inspired wedding ceiling. Mix and match with some fairy lights and it will be the perfect fit for your flower inspired wedding decor.



    Source – Belle the Magazine

    Chandeliers are the most traditional way of ceiling decoration. For luxurious and extravagant weddings, hanging chandeliers accentuated with silk drapes, flowers or greenery is the right choice. From dull gold to crystal they are available in various styles so pick that fits your wedding decor.

    5.Hanging gardens

    Hanging gardens

    Source – Nakedsnakepress

    A low height ceiling made of your favourite choice of flowers and twinkling lights make for a very intimate and cosy setting. You can either go for only greens like mosses or pick two or three of your favourite blooms, pair it up with some greens to create a stunning visual prop right at the centre of your wedding.

    6.Chinese lanterns

    Chinese lanterns

    Source – Marry me at Tampa Bay

    For someone who is looking for an out of the box decor, antique Chinese lanterns can serve as an ideal alternative for chandeliers. Pair them up with some festoon lights, flowers or ribbons and your wedding decor gets a contemporary makeover.

    7.Artistically set up branches

    Artistically set up branches

    Source – Tulle and Chantilly

    For the ones who want to stand out and try something different, branches for ceiling decor fit perfectly. Uniquely arranged and well-decorated branches along with some foliage and fairy lights can set the right tone for a rustic wedding.



    Ornamental ceilings make for an essential part of the wedding decor. From subtle to pompous there are numerous options available as shown above. So pick the ceilings design that fits your fairytale wedding and personalise it accordingly or let decor experts do it for you.

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