• Make Your Wedding Special with These 9 Guest Book Ideas

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    Wedding Guest Book Ideas

    Make Your Wedding Special with These 9 Guest Book Ideas

    Apart from wedding pictures and stories, there are so many other ways to memorialise your nuptials. Enter quirky guest book ideas. Traditionally, Guest Books are the place where sweet notes of congratulations are written for the couple. However, standard guest books tend to get sidelined to your basement or get exiled into storage.

    What if there was an alternate, where you could collect the wishes without making it a boring affair. Couples around the world are ditching the conventional approach to add a creative spin to the tradition. From Polaroid Cameras to wine bottles, puzzles to postcards, here’s how you can make epic memories forever –

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    1.Around the globe

    Around the globe

    Source – Etsy

    Let your loved ones know that they mean the world to you. Use a chalkboard painted globe as your guestbook on the wedding day, which you can place on the shelves of your home later.

    2.Autographed Vinyl

    Autographed Vinyl

    Source – Etsy

    If you are a couple who is all about music, getting vinyl records signed by your loved ones is the best idea for you. Later, you can create a modern piece of wall art to hang over your stereo with these personalised vinyl records.

    3.Advice in a Birdcage

    Advice in a Birdcage

    Source – BridalGuide Shop it

    Design a birdcage or decorate one and have your guests fill it with their words of wisdom for your married life.

    4.Capture the moment with Polaroids

    Capture the moment with Polaroids

    Source – Abby Jiu Photography Shop it

    Ditch the conventional wedding pictures and guest notes, encourage wedding attendees to cosy up for Polaroid selfie instead. Set up a booth just for the task, get ready for an overload of hilarious selfies, that you can hang in your living room.

    5.Write Vintage letters with Typewriter

    Write Vintage letters with Typewriter

    Source – Martha Stewart Weddings Shop It

    What’s the fun in writing notes with a pen when you can use a typewriter instead. Encourage your guests to jot down notes for you in a vintage style that you can remember forever.

    6.Message in a Bottle

    Message in a Bottle

    Source – WeddingWire Shop It

    Use those leftover wine bottles to store messages from the ones who care. Have your guests write their notes and wishes and put them into labelled bottles. Don’t read them until future dates, like anniversaries or marriage milestones.



    Source – Martha Stewart Weddings Shop it

    Planning a destination wedding? Gather postcards from the local gift shop to ask your guests to write their wishes and advice on the back. They’ll serve as wonderful keepsakes of the whole trip.

    8.Shadow Box

    Shadow Box

    Source – Dasha Crawford Photography Shop it

    Ask your wedding guests to slip heart-shaped notes in a personalised shadow box, frame it and use it later as a memorable decor.

    9.Define the love with a Dictionary

    Define the love with a Dictionary

    Source – Martha Stewart Wedding Shop it

    For the book nerds. Get encouraging words tagged with rainbow-hued tags and coloured pencil to create a meaningful, long-lasting memento for your wedding.


    Now that we have given you beautiful ways to treasure your memories – which one appeals to you? In case, you have more creative suggestions or want to check out actual examples of how we helped couples to make beautiful memories . Feel free to share the love!

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