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    9 Kosha Designs to take Inspiration From

    If you know something about the Middle Eastern wedding culture, then you might have heard the word “kosha”. It is the highlight of any Arabic wedding. It is the centrepiece where the bride and groom are seated during their ceremonies facing their wedding guests. Some of the memorable pictures of the couple, with their families and friends, are taken near the kosha. This makes it a really significant part of the wedding day and its decor.

    While you choose a Kosha for your big day, don’t forget to keep in mind the overall theme of your wedding. The Kosha you pick should be in sync with the decor or else it might look out of place.
    Here are our favourite styles for you to take inspiration from:

    1. Geometric


    Source – Ahlam

    A modern twist to the traditional Kosha, this design is ideal for people who are into minimal styles and want to skip the traditional setting. What makes the design even more beautiful is the use of just two colours that compliment each other and make the decor even more stunning.



    Source – Arabia Weddings

    This luxurious yet simple Kosha has been decorated with lots of blooms and is submerged in a pool of white and pale pink hydrangea. This setting is ideal for the ones who have chosen a subtle and floral themed decor for their wedding.


    3.Forest Inspired

    If you are someone who wishes to have nature-inspired decor at their wedding, this simple Kosha between a dramatic setting of weeping willow trees will be the right choice. The set is grand and surely leaves an impact.

    Source – Arabia Weddings



    Source – Ahlam

    Are you planning on an outdoor wedding? Then this Kosha decorated with white and green hydrangea, white roses and white orchids, and candles make for a beautiful addition to your wedding decor.



    Source – Ahlam

    Weddings are a once in a lifetime affair so why not make them grand. This beautiful set features a royal silver kosha kept on an equally magnificent stage that compliments the exquisite wedding decor.



    Source – Arabia Weddings

    Ideal for the couples who look for subtlety in their wedding decor, this set comprises of pastel tones and florals that give a really romantic vibe. Add a little dazzle to the whole set by complementing it with ceiling lights.



    Source – Arabia Weddings

    Edgy and asymmetrical Kosha Designs are every couple’s new favourite. Whether it’s a floral wedding decor or something traditional, these kinds of designs complement every setting.



    Source – Ahlam

    A simple setting is sometimes the best choice to make. Ideal for an intimate gathering, this set features a classic white kosha complemented with copper coloured pillows and dull golden backdrop.

    9.Nature Inspired

    Nature Inspired

    Source – Arabia Weddings

    For those who want to ditch the grandeur and go for something that is minimal but unique, this kosha design can serve as an ideal choice. A classic piece set against a wall made from moss and grass makes for an appealing photo backdrop.


    Koshas are the highlight of every wedding, so make sure you pick the right one that complements your wedding decor. We are experts in planning your beautiful day as per your taste. Also being leaders in the space – we curate the best settings, stages and artists to make your wedding – a grand affair that you deserve. Share the love!

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