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    How to Style a Classic Themed Wedding

    Well, which bride hasn’t thought of a princess style ceremony in a grand ballroom with charming details. Standing through the test of time, a classic wedding is an epitome of elegance and is everyone’s childhood dream. It defines tradition, etiquettes and simplicity. It doesn’t mean boring. It means you will be able to look back at your wedding decades from now and still love your dress, flowers, and the decor just as much as you loved it on the day of your wedding.
    So skip the flash in the pan trends and go for elements that will stand through the test of time. Just like your love.

    Read our guide to pull off a gorgeous classic wedding:

    1. Dress Simple

    Dress Simple

    Source – The Celebration Society

    A classic wedding dress is simple, elegant and refined. The main factor here is the colour of the fabric. White has been a popular option since the 1840s, but you can also go for ivory or eggshell. If you want to go for something even brighter, blush can be the ideal choice.

    Talking about silhouettes, a quintessential ball gown with a touch of lace and an elaborate veil make up for your perfect classic wedding attire. Fabrics that can be used include Satin, Silk and Charmeuse along with tulle and Chiffon as overlays to give your dress a romantic and feminine vibe.

    As for the groom, a classic black tie attire is the best option. Though the colour palette of your suit can vary depending on the time and the formality of the wedding. So pick something that goes with the theme of your celebrations.

    2. Invite with Grace

    Invite with Grace

    Source – My Wedding

    Invitations are the first clue your guests get about the theme of your wedding, so make sure you choose the design thoughtfully. In case of a classic wedding, you can go for black engraved calligraphy on high-quality white paper as your wedding invite. Other colours that can be used include greys and ivories with darker ink on the primary pieces.

    Take your invite a step ahead by using cotton paper and wax seal with your initials to give the invite a more traditional and authentic feel.

    3. Keep it Regal

    Keep it Regal

    Source – Gamttep

    People think that a traditional and classic setting is stuffy. That’s a myth we would like to burst. A classic wedding venue can be anything from ballrooms, country clubs, gardens, homes, barns or churches.

    As for the decor go for pieces that are inherently classic. Fine china, round or square tables, candelabras, chair sashes, and ivory linens can help you up the elegance factor. Whereas cutlery with a touch of gold or silver, crystal stemware and silver flatware along with a few varieties of flowers can be used to decorate the dining table.

    Include a draped ceiling, pedestal vases, ornate vessels and a crystal chandelier for a sense of regal drama.

    4. Colour me Royal

    Colour me Royal

    Source – Bridal Musings

    When it comes to a classic themed wedding, colours have to be minimum, be it cakes, decor, dresses or flowers. Combinations like black and white, Tiffany blue with a hint of white and gold, gold and cream, or even all-white work the best for this theme.

    Start by analysing the venue, then pick one or two neutrals like ivory, beige or white. Then add dimension to these colours by using metallic shades and textures.

    If you are in the mood for a more dramatic setting, then pair the basics with colours like red, coral, emerald green or blush.

    You can also choose the colour palette based on the season for your wedding. In winters, go for metallics and dark colours, like gold, silver, red and navy blue. While for warmer months, opt for fresh colours, such as pink, pale blue,  lilac or peach.

    5. What’s on the Menu?

    What’s on the Menu

    Source – She Knows

    What’s a classic wedding without a traditional wedding cake. Keep it simple with frosting and ask your baker to add subtle decorative elements. Hand-piped icing, Swiss dots, monograms, and fresh flowers can be used to decorate the cake.

    For cocktails, sparkling champagne served in flutes or old-fashioned coupes is the ideal choice for a classic wedding.


    The key elements of a classic wedding are Simplicity, Refinement and Elegance. Stick to a subtle colour palette, choose modest and formal attire and florals that feel rich. Let ceremony take centre stage and have a decor that reflects tradition.

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