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    Your Ultimate Guide for a Daytime Wedding

    Your wedding celebrations should be unique, just like you are. Every bride dreams of her wedding to be a special affair, right from childhood. From decor to food, she wants everything to be a ‘never seen before’. If you are someone who wants to do things differently for your special day, then daytime weddings are for you! They are the perfect alternative to the usual Saturday evening weddings.

    A daytime wedding has a European vibe to it. The setting feels like a breath of fresh air. Imagine a tea-length wedding dress, beautiful tables set on a lawn, guests enjoying their mimosas while your favourite jazz band plays in the background. Sounds perfect? Doesn’t it!

    Also, after a beautiful ceremony and brunch, you and your guests get so many more hours till sunset to enjoy. The celebrations can carry on and on. And well who doesn’t love the idea of an elaborate brunch and excuse to drink champagne before noon.

    So here’s how to kick off a weekend of celebration with a daytime wedding instead of waiting until 6 p.m.?

    1. Brunch it Up!

    Brunch it Up

    Source – The Spruce

    While planning a daytime wedding, rather than opting for a 3 – course heavy meal, go for a light brunch. In 2019 smaller food stations will be in trend. They are awfully chic. Envision mini-stations with oysters and Bloody Marys, waffles, coffee, and lobster Benedict. Instead of an open drinks bar, have an omelette or mimosa bar. Don’t forget the bacon! It makes everything better. If you are someone who loves wine,  you can also provide an assortment of wine, cheese, and fruits for a delicious afternoon snack.

    As for the wedding cake, instead of choosing a multi-tier fancy cake, go for cheesecake. It goes well with the vibe of a daytime wedding.

    2. A musical affair.

    A musical affair

    Source – Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

    Jazz and wedding celebrations go together like wine and cheese. There is no denying that. When you plan a daytime wedding, keep in mind that a lot of guests won’t be interested in dancing. So instead you can liven up the setting with a Jazz band that will play your favourite tunes.

    They are the perfect partners for your daytime wedding and add a touch of playfulness to any event. They will lend a delightfully laid-back feel while you and your guests enjoy your mimosas.

    3. Add some Fun!

    Add some Fun

    Source – Brides

    Lawn games are the perfect way to engage your guests during a daytime wedding. Set up games like croquet, horseshoes, live size Jenga and corn hole to ensure guests have a blast at your wedding. And while guests play these games, the photographers can capture them in their true happy state during the wedding.

    You can also go for personalised games, using your initials or hashtags, or make teams. Daytime weddings give you a lot of time to play and have fun!

    4. Dress Right.

    Dress Right

    Source – Lucky Bridals

    Couples who opt for daytime weddings should go for lighter and less traditional wedding attire for their celebrations. Men can go for wedding suits in the shades of grey, light blue or pastels rather than choosing a black tuxedo. As for the bride, a dress with a more relaxed silhouette and fewer embellishment is good to go. Instead of the traditional white, you choose a short A-line dress in pastel colours.

    5. Go Subtle

    Go Subtle

    Source – Flowers in Space

    A daytime wedding is all about that fresh and breezy vibe. This is why a subtle flower based decor works perfectly for it. They help you in keeping the setting simple, light, and romantic. Mix black and white with bright hues and opt for gold cutlery, coloured glasses, with pops of fresh flowers.

    You can also go for a floral chandelier or a floral arch or maybe both. Personalise the decor with your favourite choice of blooms and use them anywhere you want.  The dinner table can have small flower bouquets instead of candles, and as a send of gift, you can give your guests potted plants. A healthy and Organic choice!



    Your wedding is a special occasion and having it in the daytime makes it even more unique. Planning it might look tough, but with this guide and help from the experts, it inevitably becomes hassle-free.

    Good luck and don’t forget to share the love!

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