• 9 Wedding Decor Accessories to Jazz Up your Evening

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    9 Wedding Decor Accessories to Jazz Up your Evening

    No wedding can be complete without a memorable decor, be it simple or lavish. The decor can transform the special evening into the magical once in a lifetime celebration you’ve always dreamt of.

    However, wedding decoration is quite a complex affair. It requires a lot of thought, preparation and coordination amongst a host of vendors. So before you go out and start scouting for your favourite drapes and flowers, here is our list of the must-have accessories in your wedding decor, make a checklist!

    1.Hanging Flowers

    Hanging Flowers

    Source – Rebekah J Murray

    Why just keep flowers on the table when they can also be suspended from the ceiling. Floral arrangements hung a few feet above your guests on the dinner table create an exceptionally intimate setting. Pick your favourite blooms, arrange it in a beautiful basket and hang them over the aisle, dinner table or even the arch.

    2.Family Photo Wall

    Family Photo Wall

    Source – Pure 7 Studios

    Dedicate a wall to old family pictures of you and your loved ones to add great sentimental value to the whole setting. You can also ask your guests to write good wishes on them and later hang these pictures in your new home as decor. This will let your guests to actively participate in the wedding and create memories they can cherish forever.



    Source – One Love Photography

    Seen enough of the fancy candlestands as table centrepieces? Switch to greenery, instead. A patch of moss, a romantic terrarium, a succulent or your favourite flower can give you a perfectly rustic and personalised tablescape. Use can place them in small pots, glass cages or even wine glasses along with some candles to create an intimate setting.

    1. If you are someone who is into food, you can also keep herbs instead of a normal plant. They’ll smell great!

    4.Love Lit Letters

    Love Lit Letters

    Source – Ahlam

    Let love be the highlight of your wedding. Use giant Love lit Letters to dazzle up a subtle wedding decor. A statement piece that you and your guests will always remember, the letters will be a real focal point for stunning, fun images. You can use your initials, a quote or maybe just a word to add a hint of glamour to your wedding.

    1. Use film cameras or Polaroids instead of a DSLR, the result will be amazing!

    5.Opt for wood.

    Opt for wood

     Source – Ahlam

    Wooden structures or pillars give a very rustic appeal to your wedding decor. If you are someone who is a fan of minimal raw designs Wooden pillars, seats or arches are a perfect choice for your subtle decor.

    6.Chalk it out

    Chalk it out

    Source – Harwell Photography

    Chalkboards are a beautiful and unconventional alternative to the traditional printed signage in weddings. They are a great way jazz up your entrance or decorate your bar. Personalise it with a frame and your favourite flowers to match it with your decor. You can also ask your guests to leave notes and advice for you on them.

    7.Light up the mood

    Light up the mood

    Source – Glen Allsop

    If you are someone who is a fan of a more regal and traditional setting, tall taper candles paired up with silk or satin fabrics to create a gold inspired decor will do wonders. Go for a dim lighting feel along with white crockery to make the setting even more royal.

    8.Calligraphed Menus and Cards

    Calligraphed Menus and Cards

    Source – Ned Jackson Photography

    Rather than printing out your wedding menus and cards, make the designs more personalised with calligraphy. There are different scripts available like traditional copperplate for black tie formal or something more free-hand for farm-to-table chic. Choose the one that goes along with your wedding theme and get them written by an expert.



    Source – Ahlam

    Well, who doesn’t love the good old swing? Apart from adding to the aesthetic and recreational value, these swings can also serve the purpose of a photo booth. You can also decorate it with your favourite flowers or ribbons and a backdrop to make it look even more special.


    Wedding accessories should be decided keeping in mind the collective theme of the wedding. A slight difference can create a huge impact on the overall decor. From linen to flowers, and even a small thing as candle should be picked out carefully along with experts to make sure the decor is flawless.

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